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Affordable SEO Solutions for Small Businesses

Our SEO services deliver excellent ranking positions so that you enjoy more attention and more sales. Perfect for the small business owners out there, the trailblazers and entrepreneurial spirits who are changing local economies and driving South Africa forward, through even the hardest of times, our SEO services are designed to be comfortably affordable, easy to access and full of creativity.


Make your brand the one that clients want to be a part of. Here are the only SEO services you will ever need to bolster your visibility on the web:

SEO Packages

Our exclusive SEO solutions are tailored for local, specialised, and artistic small businesses and one man establishments in South Africa, all at budget-friendly rates. Affordable is actually an understatement – our SEO prices in South Africa are downright economical! We are fully focused on supporting smaller businesses, and so we strive to set our service costs at a level that ensures easy budgeting. Head over to our SEO services and packages page for a more detailed overview of our current offerings. Every SEO service we provide individually created to suit your unique needs.
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SEO Copywriting

With a wealth of expertise in crafting SEO copy, we specialise in helping SEO agencies, digital marketing firms, and even small businesses managing their own SEO endeavours, with professional SEO Copywriting. Our process involves a combination of sticking to Google's best practices for SEO writing and page layout, thorough competitor analysis, and extensive keyword research. We also infuse personality and a human touch into the SEO content we produce, improving the overall user experience and giving clients what they need to make an informed choice when it comes to buying from you.
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SEO Blog Writing

We create more than 50 blogs a month for SEO agencies, digital marketing firms, and small businesses alike. What sets us a perfect catch for companies is our ability to build comprehensive content plans that allow us to write informative pieces, SEO-rich blogs, newsworthy articles, and outreach content. Our commitment is to provide clients with distinct content that helps them stand out in the online landscape by helping you rank better while also contributing to your brand. Additionally, we know our way around creating attention grabbing headlines and we can create or source eye-catching images.
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AI Prompting and Editing

The prevalence of digital marketing agencies use AI written content on client websites has led to brands all sounding the same online, exactly what you don't want. Our goal with AI content generation is to offer you peace of mind, while saving you money in the process, by creating catchy, unique human sounding AI content that has personality and perfectly fits your brand, but doesn't cost a fortune. We can also create once-off AI prompts that you can use for your social media posts or to help you create a more effective content creation system that actually works for you.
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SEO Ecommerce Optimisation

Make your online retail store a real success with our ecommerce SEO service. Our approach involves optimising not only product pages but also refining overall content, fine-tuning site structure, and strategically targeting keywords to boost your store's visibility in search engine rankings. Going beyond the basics, we prioritise the user experience, which results in increased conversions and happier customers. From crafting unique and persuasive product descriptions to ensuring mobile-friendliness, we cover every aspect to ensure your store stands out and thrives online.
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SEO Audit

Allow us to assess your website, or take advantage of our complimentary SEO audit tool, driven by the user-friendly SEO Optimiser programme. Through the audit, you'll gain insights into the necessary improvements that will need to be done to your website, and it serves as a valuable check to ensure that your current SEO provider in South Africa is delivering on their promises. This tool offers a high level of accuracy and is a truly beneficial resource, especially for those venturing into the realm of SEO for the first time and who want to see if their site requires a lot of or minimal attention.
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As a small agency offering SEO services in South Africa, our origins are as freelancers, working on individual campaigns and writing projects for businesses of all shapes and sizes as well as for the best SEO agencies. During our work as freelance creators, we have learnt a lot about what clients need but don’t seem to be getting; a good listener who gives great advice, can deliver on what they promise, and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.

We go beyond the basics, empowering our clients with helpful information about what we are doing on their campaign and why we are doing it. Everything we offer our clients is based on their individual needs, from the approach to the SEO service down to the budget and how often you want to hear from us.

Do we sound like someone you can work with?

    100% Remote

    Our team of experienced professionals is entirely remote, allowing us to tap into global talent and provide cost-effective services without compromising on the quality of our work.

    100% Creative

    Our background is in copywriting and blog writing for companies and SEO agencies in South Africa. We know the exact words to make your brand memorable and our creative skills will help your brand to provide a great user experience.

    100% Small Business Focused

    We exclusively cater to small businesses, the kind with 5 to 20 employees. We understand the challenges that small enterprises like yours face on a daily basis and we tailor our services to meet your specific needs and budget.

    100% Affordable

    Our SEO services are provided at an affordable rate and we also include additional services, such as brainstorming and research, at no extra cost. We also provide the occasional free blog or press release.
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