Turn Clicks into Clients, with our Creative and Persuasive SEO Copywriting Service in South Africa

The most common style of marketing, using content, is website content writing, but the most persuasive and technical style has to be SEO copywriting in South Africa.

We are a South Africa based SEO copywriting company, specialising in assisting small, medium and niche businesses. Along with our extensive experience working with local businesses, we have also helped a range of UK based clients looking for affordable SEO copywriting and blog writing.

From London, to Edinburgh, to Cape Town and Nelspruit, our clients come from all sorts of backgrounds, and along with providing them with high-quality, original SEO content for their websites, we have also written countless monthly blogs to keep them ranking.

SEO Copywriting will take your online presence to greater heights. While conventional copywriting is the key to an exceptional website, one that will attract the right people and convey your message, SEO copywriting services in South Africa is what will put your website right in front of the right audience. SEO copywriting combines the best practices around website content writing with the various principles related to SEO.

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With SEO content writing in South Africa, you can start launching an SEO campaign that is lethal in its effectiveness and at Bushwillow Media, we are highly experienced in this form of content creation, having built our careers around the SEO world and all that it entails. We can create valueable, SEO rich content for you and we can also assist with creating a full SEO campaign for you, should you need one.

This service is aimed at clients looking for Search Engine Optimised content but it is also ideal for digital marketing and website design agencies. We work with a wide range of SEO companies in South Africa, creating content for all of their clients or working specifically with just one or two of them. We have collaborated with some of the biggest and best known SEO agencies but our content is also sought after by small and medium companies looking to add new SEO rich content to their website.

SEO Copywriting in South Africa follows the same intensive practices used all over the world. It is a precise and well thought out technique that is often best left to an experienced copywriter. We stay up to date with all of the latest practices in the SEO world in order to guarantee that our clients get the best content for their unique needs.

Why should you hire an SEO Copywriter?

Content Created for People, Loved by Google

SEO website copywriting in South Africa is absolutely not about writing for Google. Instead, it is a skill which combines algorithm keyword placement and practices, with a conversational and informative writing style. When you hire a copywriter you can be sure the content is well-written but also perfect for SEO, meaning our copywriting will get you ranking (and it won't sound anything like the generic AI content you've been reading on the web lately).

SEO Content that Saves your Time

Any type of content writing is immensely time consuming, even the AI content that needs heaps of love and attention to make it match your brand. Not only do you have to think about what kind of message you want to convey, but you also have to type it all out, edit it and make sure your layout is perfect. When you hire a writer, this will be their concern, not yours. The best SEO copywriters are also quick with their fingers.

Work with Experienced, Content Creators

SEO content copywriting is still, at its very essence, just writing. So when you hire an SEO copywriter you can look forward to all of the usual aspects of persuasive writing, making your SEO copy as good as your general web copy. Spelling and grammar will be on point, and the style and tone will reflect your company’s personality and work towards bringing in the customers. With 10 years of industry experience, your SEO content is in reliable hands.

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    Our SEO Copywriting Process

    Step 1

    You contact us and we have a chat about your SEO goals, including your keywords. We discuss content length, content style, and we talk about your competition.

    Step 2

    We send you a contract which will include the agreed upon price, as well as project details such as the scope of the work and deadlines.

    Step 3

    We get started on the content. Our content is delivered every Friday.

    Step 4

    You receive the content. If you are happy with it, you can upload it, if you are unhappy, we revise it.

    Our other SEO Services in South Africa

    AI Prompting and Editing

    Did you know that AI content is becoming really easy to spot, while also being incorrectly edited for both SEO and user experience? With so many digital marketing agencies using AI on their client’s websites, brands are not being as well represented online as they once were. We want to give you peace of mind (while saving you money) and we’d be more than happy to also give you some advice about using AI for content.
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    SEO Ecommerce Optimisation

    Make your online retail store a success with our ecommerce SEO service. We optimise product pages and content, fine-tune site structure, and strategically target keywords to propel your store up search engine rankings. We also focus on improving the user experience and in doing so we drive conversions, by covering everything from creating catchy product descriptions to ensuring the site is mobile friendly.
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    SEO Audit

    We can evaluate your website for you, or you can click over to our free SEO audit tool, powered by the simple to use SEO Optimiser tool. With an audit you will be able to see what work needs to be done on your website and you will also be able to check if your current SEO company in South Africa is actually doing the SEO work that they say they are. This tool is pretty accurate and can be a helpful guide for those new to SEO.
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    While it remains one of the most important styles of writing for the web, SEO website copywriting in South Africa is an industry that is still growing. There was once a time when it was enough to write a snippet of content, add a few keywords and have a website quickly appear on the first page of Google. But as SEO has developed, and the race to get onto the first page has heated up, SEO copywriting in South Africa has become more difficult and it requires a whole lot of effort.

    Content with well-researched keywords, synonyms and related phrases are needed to get a website ranking, and this is not an easy feat that just anyone can achieve. Besides, not everyone has the time! SEO copywriting requires the writer to be as skilled in their reading and researching of online trends as they are with their words. In fact, this website has been filled with well-planned content and well research keywords, to help people on the web find our services.

    You Should be Using SEO Copywriting in South Africa to Grow your Company

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    Frequently Asked Questions about SEO Copywriting Services in South Africa

    What EXACTLY is SEO website copywriting in South Africa?

    We’ve just given you the short version in our explanation above. But if you have no knowledge of search engine marketing, you’re probably in need of more information than “You should hire our copywriter to get you ranked”. Because if you don’t know this industry, why would you invest money in this kind of content, right?

    SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation, is a form of online marketing that makes a website more visible on the internet by optimising web content, making technical adjustments to the site and by building links. When a website is well optimised, a person Googling a keyword related to the company will be presented with the website that is best optimised for it and whose content is most relevant to the searcher. Usually, this is also the website of the company with the best reputation for the work that they do!

    There are many factors involved with SEO, but the most important factor, without a doubt, is written content. It is quite true that anyone can write content, but not everyone can write content that ticks off all of the requirements needed to make good content unforgettable content.

    When content is beautifully put together, it becomes shareable and a pleasure to read. That is exactly what good SEO content writing aims to do.

    Content optimised for SEO is not just focused on keywords, it is first and foremost written for the reader.

    Regardless of how you found us, the important thing to know is that we are specialists in SEO copywriting in Cape Town, Johannesburg and the rest of South Africa. We’ve also created SEO content for UK based clients. Our content writing has been perfected over many years spent in the industry.

    Why do you need SEO?

    SEO is digital marketing. Through the use of keywords, and a few other factors, Google and other search engines rank websites on a search engine result according to how relevant and informative the website is, as it relates to the keywords it mentions.

    In this day and age, having a website and social media is not enough. To fully optimise our online marketing, SEO is just the cherry on the top that will change the way you view advertising forever.

    And the best thing about SEO is that it is the perfect fit for companies and industries of all kinds.

    From start-ups looking to quickly make a name for themselves, to an established company seeking a new audience, SEO can be used to achieve your business growing goals.

    Our SEO copywriting in South Africa has been used to improve mattress sales, sell safaris and other travel holidays, make hotels and lodges easier to find, and it has even been used to sell burglar bars, security gates and second hand watches.

    SEO copywriting in South Africa are best used in conjunction with a full SEO package, something we also offer.

    Who can use SEO copywriting in South Africa?

    If you have a website and you want it to be seen by more people, SEO copywriting in South Africa is just for you. We at Bushwillow Media have seen websites rank on content alone, with just keywords and quality content driving a website up a search results page. While it is always best to rather include your SEO copywriting as a part of a wider SEO campaign, because, why not, it is still the sort of thing that can be used successfully on its own.

    SEO copywriting is ideal for all kinds of businesses, including those operating in a more niche field, and it can also be used to great success by freelancers and hobbyists who want to reach more people with their work.

    Bushwillow Media prices SEO copywriting in South Africa in such a way that anyone can afford to invest in it. What is really great about this kind of content writing service is that it is the sort of thing that can be grown. The initial content can be adding to, as much as you like, and new keywords can be consistently introduced, which will in turn lead to the existing content helping the new keywords to grow.

    Is SEO copywriting hard?

    Not at all, but it does take some practice to resist the urge to throw loads of keywords into the text, and to break up the text in a way that might not always look so natural. The key to successfully creating SEO rich content is to know what you are doing and then to follow the formula down to a tee.

    SEO copywriting is a technique built as much upon experience as it is upon the tips and occasional secrets released by Google. You will find loads of information online about how to do SEO copywriting, but like most tips and guides you’ll find on the web, not all of that information is useful or will actually work for you. Some practices work better for some industry than others, and some only work for companies in other countries, but not really in South Africa.

    The reason why it is best to hire an SEO copywriter is not just because we’d love to work with you, but because these sorts of writers really know what they are doing and as such they will save you time and money in the long run.

    How do I create SEO content?

    The process should always start with keyword research. All SEO content should include keywords, that is the whole point of creating this sort of content. After you have the keywords you want to rank your website for, you should decide which keywords will go on which page, and once you have that out of the way, you can start writing.

    Different keywords will require a different amount of words, and deciding that can get a little complicated because you will need to take into consideration a wide variety of factors such as the difficulty, the cost per click and the locality.

    Another thing to keep in mind when you are writing content for SEO purposes is the overall layout of the content. You need the right kind and the right amount of headings, you need to plan the structure of the paragraphs really carefully, and you also need to plan the flow of the content. Although the content will be used for SEO purposes, it still needs to be natural, informative and something that people visiting your website will want to actually read.

    At Bushwillow Media, we’ve learned more than a thing or two about doing SEO copywriting in South Africa. With over a decade of experience working with some of the best SEO agencies in South Africa, we have gained a huge amount of knowledge about creating SEO content.

    How do you write SEO keywords?

    Generally, you won’t be creating SEO keywords. Any SEO copywriting needs to start with you doing some research into what your clients are typing into a search engine when they are looking for your products or your services. Google collects this sort of information and if you use a tool like Google Keyword Planner (which is free) you can type in your type of product and service, along with the location you want to market it in, and you will be presented with a wide array of long and short keywords that you can then use in your content.

    When you are writing SEO keywords into your content, you need to be as natural as possible, even though sometimes that can seem next to impossible because some keywords do look rather strange.

    If you are having trouble, it can be best to outsource your SEO content writing to someone. This way, you can be sure that you will get high quality SEO rich content, which will enable you to complete your SEO campaign. Remember, all kinds of content writing can take time so hiring someone often just makes better business sense.

    Why should we write your SEO content?

    There are a few reasons why we should be your first choice, whether you are an SEO advertising agency, a web design studio or a company looking to launch or revamp your website:

    We offer the most affordable website content possible and we can save your time!

    Time is so important these days, and writing content can be one of the most time-consuming factors in marketing and web design. After all, what is a website if it lacks content? When you don’t have the time or when you are simply not able to write your content, we are here to help you.

    At Bushwillow Media, we are a specialised SEO Copywriting agency in South Africa. We are native English copywriters and we are highly experienced in creating search engine optimisation copywriting in South Africa, for clients and agencies of all kinds. With our SEO website copywriting, we are able to help our clients rank higher and with this particular service, we can also help agencies save time and money by hiring the best freelancing agency. Our choice of website content writing services, blog writing services and our related digital marketing service such as our Facebook marketing in South Africa, we can get your name out there.

    All companies serious about growing in a profitable direction should have some form of SEO implemented on their website. SEO is natural, its organic and it is a far more gentle form of marketing, and SEO copywriting in the UK ensures that website readers not only get the information that they are looking for, but they will also easily find it.

    Digital marketing, especially SEO, would be impossible to do without a copywriting practice dedicated to the various practices and principles favoured by Search Engines. At Bushwillow Media, our journey actually started with creating copy for the use of SEO campaigns, and we’ve got a huge amount of experience in the industry, having stayed up to date and keenly interested in the evolution of this content marketing process.

    Although we are based in South Africa, in this digital era geographics are no hindrance in our ability to write for you.We’ve worked with clients all around the UK, from Fife up in beautiful Scotland, to the bustling metropolis of London, and having an English heritage ourselves, we know our way around the King’s language.

    What are the benefits of using an SEO Copywriter?

    Whether you are implementing an SEO strategy on your own or with the help of an agency, or if you are a creative online marketing agency in need of a skill set of hands and a mind in the SEO know, hiring an SEO copywriter can be the perfect solution to your content marketing needs.

    Much like you, we are bustling entrepreneurs and we enjoy watching our clients grow as a result of the SEO content we create. There is nothing quite as satisfying as watching a client’s website start ranking or hearing that a client is enjoying more business thanks to the collective effort of online marketing and copywriting that works.

    Our goal, when it comes to providing you with SEO copy is to provide a service that builds your initial campaign and continues to work for you. We create evergreen content, the kind that keeps getting attention, and from the layout to the keywords and the way in which the content flows.

    When you choose to work with an SEO copywriter, you are buying experience as well as words. SEO Copywriters like us have been working in the industry for a really long time and as such we have created content for a wide range of clients. Our content is designed to work with even the most basic of SEO campaigns. As you have probably heard, content is king (or queen in our case).